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About Us

Helken has been incorporated as a subsidiary of Keni Pharma which has been reckoned by wellness enthusiasts for offering quality ayurvedic products. Keni Pharma ventured into the sphere of pharmaceuticals six years ago with an objective of providing resounding remedy for most types of ailments.

Our Mission

Arduously strive and enhance the quality of living through the holistic offering of health products developed with extensive insights on Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to enable withstand the rigidity and rapids encountered in life with sagacity and prudence.

Ayurvedic Research for Reinforcing Health

Most of the research on the precious ingredients and exclusively occurring herbs were done under the aegis of the parent organization, Keni Pharma with utmost diligence and care for introducing the appropriate remedy for the affected. Bestowed with the expertise of aromatherapy and natural oils, a whole range of medications have been developed to induce healthiness in soul and spirit for in the form of soaps, shampoos, pain relief oils, capsules and face creams.

Hale & Healthy – Hair to Heel

The Managing Director of the organization is an eminent Trichologist from the International Association of Trichologists, based in Australia and has also been in the forefront of focussing and developing products to revive health and spirit of the society at large. The products deal with providing exceptional cure for the hair and skin related ailments through established and decisive practices followed in Ayurveda and Aroma therapy science. Envisaged to offer better healing and a buoyant living without any side effects, the various products developed by the organization can galvanize and transform health in all the aspects.

Ayurveda Products for All-round Protection

Helken is also into research and development of products for enduring and swift relief from mosquitos through Ayurvedic herbs and oils in the form of vaporisers, sprays for household and outdoor use. All these products have undergone adequate trials and tests to adduce proof for the absence of pesticides in them any form.

The Keenness to Revitalize Health

Encompassing and enriching the atmosphere with an aroma capable of healing and offering enduring remedy to the affected in the most convenient manner best epitomizes Helken. As the emerging icon of healthiness, we offer ayurvedic beauty products and herbal cosmetic products with the perfect blend and in sync of nature.

Organic Beauty for Eternity

The splendid offering of health and organic beauty products helps you to nourish your body and mind, endowed with enough wellness to tackle the rigours of daily life. Helken has made huge strides in the research and development of ayurvedic products by deciphering the ages old formula in formulating wellness products for the global denizens.

Skin Nourishment with Natural Cosmetics

It is widely acclaimed for its extensive knowledge in providing the accurate cure in treating the ailments afflicting different organs of the body with luxury Ayurveda products. The entity is focussed on well-being aims at optimum harnessing of the natural ingredients in the finest form pristine and unalloyed sources.

Bonded with Nature for the Perfect Blend

This enables in creating the perfect blend of oils, creams and other ayurvedic products. With consistent usage of the oils, it is quite easy to derive quick relief from the different health disorders and a lasting cure through the remedy in the form of aromatherapy from organic beauty products.

Respire Happiness – Nature inspired

Our idealistic aroma focussed wellness products developed Helken bear full compliance with healing through the components inspired by nature. The exemplary health products provide the most desired relief by acting on the skin and through inhalation of the aroma from the oils. Apart from the nature motivated products,

Radiate Beauty from Inside

Helken also offers actives in various medicinal herbs, aroma therapy oils and skin friendly Ayurveda beauty products with ease of use in daily life for optimised results in a minimum timespan. These health products have an indelible impression of their own through the nasal oriented healing and application of oils on the epidermis.

Pain relief the Organic Way

Prepared from a niche and rarely occurring natural herbs and ingredients, almost all the creams and oils deter the onset of any ailment and restore the imbalance in physical and psychological health for a superior way of living fit.

Rejuvenation of Spirit – For the cream of Health

Helken’s products are observed through the prism of health as staunch adherents of providing nature based cure with complete rejuvenation of spirit. The holistic wellness products of the company prove to be a perfect compliment in enhancing the health of people in different age groups and the entire members of a family.

Preserve the Beauty with Ayurvedic Products

Revival of fitness and maintaining good health is the aspiration of every individual and with the well-researched aroma therapy oils, creams and original medicinal herbs it becomes a reality to enjoy and lead a life of happiness free from ailments. The regular utilization of these products creates a fine balance with nature by experiencing and being in the pink of health.