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About Helken

Helken embodies holistic wellness and health, offering ayurvedic products with the perfect blend of medicinal healing, herbal nourishment of the body and the best of organic aromatherapy, in complete sync with nature.

About Helken’s Products

Helken’s products offer the best remedy in curing different ailments in the form of hair care oil and shampoo, face cream, pain relief – especially joint pain as a pain balm and pain oil. The Mosquito repellent vaporizers keep the potential onset of insect transmitted diseases at bay.

Hair Care

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Hand Sanitizers

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Immunity Boosters

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Mosquito and Insect Repellents

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Pain Relief

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Skin Care

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Helken For “You”

We imbibe and nurture the spirit – ‘Made for You’. Helken’s products take extreme care in offering and treating you with the right feeling. How you’ll feel is one of the most important aspects for us, as the experience of how you’re made to feel with wellness defines success and a greater accomplishment for us. Helken provides the optimal products for your personal well-being and safeguarding your environment of stay – so its the wellness of ‘You’, uppermost in our minds.

Love yourself Better

The theory of holistic wellness is better experienced than said through our diverse range of products for enhancing personal well-being, resonating with inner happiness and love in consonance with nature. In complying with our emphasis and based on the prime importance given to one’s personal wellbeing, we ensure you have a well-rounded healing spiritually, mentally and physically.

Helken products are made to make you fall in love with yourself by feeling better in health and also spread it to your loved ones. It fosters and assists this quest for holistic wellness of the individual and from thereon to the immediate family and friends.

Quality Ingredients

We only choose high quality ingredients and our products are free of harmful chemicals.

Lasting Results

Powered by the ayurvedic blends, our products provide lasting results with no side effects.

Fast Shipping

We deliver all the orders with 7 to 10 business days. Place your orders easily on our website.